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August 29, 2023

How To Get Free Trial Signups Through Content Marketing

How To Get Free Trial Signups Through Content Marketing

For SaaS brands, the job ain’t over when a visitor hits your website. The real goal is converting those visitors into free trial users that eventually enter your sales funnel.

But getting visitors to take the plunge into a trial isn’t always easy. That’s why providing upfront value using content marketing is crucial for overcoming objections and doubts that stop visitors from signing up. However, creating valuable content can be a challenge for many, especially if you don’t know how to get started. Luckily we wrote about 9 content marketing strategies you can implement to turn your website visitors into high-converting trial users:

Understand Your Visitors’ Key Concerns

When someone rolls up on your pricing or trial signup page, they likely have lingering questions holding them back from converting. Your content strategy should aim to directly address those concerns.

For example, produce blog posts and guides that tackle common objections like:

  • “Will your software integrate with my tech stack?” - Ease integration worries.
  • “Is a free trial really risk-free?” - Provide assurances around trial setup/cancellation.
  • “What results can I expect from your Software as a Service?” - Highlight ROI and metrics.
  • “How easy is it to get started with your platform?” - Show simplicity of onboarding.

This shows you feel visitors' reservations and can provide the answers needed to convince them to test your product through a trial.

Research your target customers and existing leads to ID the most prevalent obstacles to signup. Then build content tailored to overcoming those specific sticking points.

Offer High-Value Gated Assets

Content like ebooks, templates, cheat sheets and webinars that deliver huge value around your SaaS’s topic area are powerful conversion drivers.

Gate access to downloads, tools and event registration behind a trial signup form. The offer of exclusive content in exchange for their info incentivizes visitors to complete the form. For example, an ebook like "The Complete Guide to Reducing SaaS Customer Churn" provides awesome value related to an issue your solution aims to fix.

Your gated content should solve a specific pain point your target customers have. Visitors will exchange their contact info and complete a trial signup to access that high-value asset.

Be sure that your gated content delivers on its promised value. You don’t want visitors feeling cheated once they access the content after signing up. Offer truly useful info.

Promote Case Studies and Testimonials

Prospects want confirmation that your SaaS works for companies like theirs. Develop in-depth case studies that highlight customer success stories, objectives, solutions, and results. Turning case studies into gated assets by putting them behind trial forms is very effective.

You can also promote them through blog posts, social media and paid ads. Testimonials with quotes from customers validate the benefits of your SaaS too. Weave them into landing pages, case studies and content to reinforce credibility. Video testimonials can be especially impactful. Seeing someone from a company like yours sharing their experience lends more authenticity and authority around your claims.

Surround Prospects with Trial Messaging

Don’t just hope visitors stumble upon your trial offer. Make it everywhere throughout site pages and content. Insert success-driven trial messaging into:

  • Website headers/footers
  • Sidebars and popups
  • Blog post intros/outros
  • Resource landing pages
  • Email sequences
  • Social media bios

This constant presence keeps your free trial offer top of mind as visitors continue engaging with your content. Eventually, the value messaging motivates them to give your SaaS a try.

Educate Through Your Blog

Your blog is a cornerstone of your content marketing strategy to attract and nurture prospects. Use blog posts to educate visitors about your SaaS category and address relevant issues.

This positions your brand as a trusted thought leader. Once readers see you get their problems, they’ll be more likely to trial your solution. Blog CTAs should aim to capture reader emails through offers, downloads, and trial signup forms. Install exit intent popups to catch readers when they attempt to leave. With enough readers, you can offer a blog content upgrade path that takes visitors from awareness to consideration.

Optimize Landing Pages

Your website needs dedicated landing pages for promotions like free trials and content offers. These pages enable you to make focused trial signup pitches to interested visitors.

Pages should highlight the value of your SaaS and content, summarize key features, address concerns, and make the CTA clear. Minimize distractions and stick to a singular goal of getting visitors to convert.

Test elements like headlines, copy, designs and the trial signup form to maximize conversion rates. Pay attention to funnel drop-off points and tweak pages accordingly.

Retarget Website Visitors

Visitors who don’t initially convert still provide valuable marketing leads if you continue nurturing them. Retarget visitors through ads and email sequences that remind them about your trial offer.

Pixels installed on your website enable retargeting through platforms like Facebook and Google. Dynamic email nurturing keeps you top of mind by delivering helpful content over time.

The goal is gently bringing visitors back to try your platform once they're ready. Don't aggressively pitch them; provide value.

Simplify Your Trial Signup Process

Once a visitor decides to trial your software, don’t introduce unnecessary hurdles into the signup flow. Steps should be:

  1. Enter Email
  2. Confirm Email
  3. Complete Payment Info (only if paid trial)
  4. Access Trial Account

That’s it. If you request unnecessary info upfront, you risk abandonment. Streamline for conversions.

Make Your Trial Excellent

This should go without saying, but your free trial experience needs to wow users once they sign up. Deliver outstanding onboarding, training, and support so they become paying users.

If prospects convert from your content but have a wack trial experience, all that marketing work gets wasted. Optimize the entire customer journey from signup through to conversion.

Creating relevant, high-value content tailored to moving prospects down the sales funnel is crucial for lead gen. Implement these strategies to turn engaged website visitors into free trial users for your SaaS.

While turning website visitors into free trial users from casual browsers requires a deep understanding of the SaaS landscape and your target audience, Syroscape is here to offer expertise, insights, and strategies tailor-made for reaching your SaaS goals.

With a proven track record in the SaaS industry, Syroscape understands the intricacies involved in scaling SaaS products, turning trial users into paying customers, and expanding market presence. Reach out to us today and discover the difference a dedicated SaaS partner can make.