Fulfillment Policy for Syroscape

Thank you for choosing our digital marketing consulting services. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support in consulting, strategizing, chart building, and offering valuable written resources such as scripts, templates, and checklists for your SaaS. Please review our fulfillment policy below, which outlines the nature of our services and the terms regarding refunds.

Nature of Fulfillment:

Our services encompass a multi-phase approach tailored to meet your specific needs:

Phase 1: Offer & Niche Dialing

  • Refining the client's offer or providing a new proven offer for sale

  • Identifying and targeting the niche that best suits the client's objectives

Phase 2: Lead Generation, Appointment Booking, Client Closing

  • Implementing attention-grabbing strategies to build an audience for sales

  • Creating educational systems for distribution across relevant channels

  • Deploying Conversion Mechanisms to enhance sales and optimize conversion rates

Phase 3: Results and Retention

  • Consulting on the client's fulfillment process (app features and rollout)

  • Advising on the client's onboarding procedures

Product Descriptions:

(a.) The SaaS Scaling Launchpad gives you access to our community server for 5 months, and the written and video documentation along with weekly group consulting calls and 1 roadmap call which is one-on-one. The price is $2,500 USD.

(b.) The Moonsplash program allows you everything in the aforementioned program and is a 6 month program, with more tailored support and biweekly check-in calls with the team along with a buildout of your ads, and access to our software solution “the Brain” and quicker feedback including your own private channel for accelerated communication. The price is $10,000 USD.

The pricing of the programs is in USD.

Refund Policy:

Given the personalized nature of our services and the intellectual property involved in the form of strategies, resources, and insights provided, refunds are not feasible once services have been rendered or resources accessed. We operate on a collaborative basis, where we work alongside you in a "Done with you" or "Do It Yourself" approach, with the majority of the work being guidance and support rather than direct execution depending on which program you qualify for.

If you would like to cancel before getting started, we can provide you with a 90% refund of the total amount paid so we can cover lost transaction fees and the time invested.

We value your satisfaction and are committed to addressing any concerns or issues promptly. Should you have any questions or require further clarification on our fulfillment policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at dan[at]syroscape.com.

Thank you for choosing Syroscape as your SaaS growth partner. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your business objectives through our consulting services and educational resources.

Dan Taro CEO of Syroscape

8 The Green, STE B
Dover, Delaware 19901